Criticism of HBD

I have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of what is coined HBD is utter bullshit, especially so when it claims to be a deterministic ground up explanation for human affairs. Once you enter into determinism then you enter into failure mode and leftism/liberalism/ Legion, because you purposefully cut off the possibility of rational actors with multi-directional decision making ability to correct situations and make decisions against Legion.

One of the more egregious examples of HBD smelling of bullshit is in the claim of the lack of influence of environmental factors on humans. By this reasoning gay marriage must have a gene to explain its spread, despite the fact that you can trace the creation of this idiocy from the upper echelons of society, and then it’s stamping onto society through a process of mob mimesis as per the model provided by Rene Girard. Unfortunately, this must be discarded, as it is clear that gene determine things from the ground up. Science.

Genetic determinism is at root based on a rejection of free will, which HBD bloggers will dismiss with certainty. This means things which are observable (power stamping its own ideology on society as outlined by De Jouvenel) must be disregarded as not fitting with genetic determinism. This is very much within the Empiricist tradition, which quite happily rejects human observation despite claiming it is central. It is a diseased approach to the world, and one based on a lack of thought and materialist fundamentalism. Empiricism really makes no sense when you take a step back, but it is a mob thing (again as per Rene Girard’s mimesis) so the adherents can happily roll along with it with confidence.

A really good example of this fundamentalism at play is observable in the claim that parenting has no effect on children. This is absurd from simple observation. Take feral children as a key example, the understanding that HBD bloggers seem to want to impress is that these children who were abandoned and mimicked behavior from animals which they grew up with would have done this regardless of if they lived with their parents- because science.

The other examples it the current attempt to explain the reformation via genetic determinism, as if it just spread like fire, despite the historical record showing that it was largely imposed in areas such as England as a means to destroy the influence of the Catholic church, and the seeming ubiquitous promotion of Protestantism by Northern European monarchs as noted by Tocqueville and De Jouvenel. Yes, they could not have done this without the potential being there to a degree, but the process was not gene led determinism, that is utter rubbish.

I have no problem with understanding that the biological capabilities of the human constrain the available capabilities of the person in a very complex manner (humans develop technology which overrides the immediate constraints for example,) but what I reject wholeheartedly is that deterministic constraint and the rejection of free will which is encapsulated within HBD. That is bullshit, and I am finding more and more that this question of determinism is really the key dividing line between progressive insanity/ modernity and any sort of sanity.

Society managed to operate the biological capabilities of their populations with extreme precision and skill prior to modernity and “empiricist” science via governance which promoted close supervision and selection for virtue and a raft of potential characteristics of populations, but this was the result of the decisions of those making up the population, not a sweeping pronouncement from a bureaucratic eye view. Slavery in the Americas even managed to partially civilize the black population and brought their intelligence up a couple of levels until it was undone by liberals and empiricists. HBD in its current guise is utterly non- reactionary and is fundamentally liberal, it should be shot in the head, and any worthwhile aspects should be appropriated (the mechanics of genetics minus the deterministic rubbish.)

The rise of HBD as a critique of unscientific progressivism is a cosmic joke, because what is really happening is the left are completely scientific. They really are, if we define science as empiricist in the liberal tradition, which is not really a scandalous statement. They applied, and constantly apply the fact value distinction, and it keeps pumping out psychosis, but because the Empiricist approach is pure and true, it is just blamed on wreckers. HBD Is the latest cry against wreckers in the revolution.