Spandrell’s latest thought experiment is quite frankly brilliant, and gets to the problem of the Liberal/ empiricist/ progressive Legion or Cathedral, or whatever you want to call it. It is a roiling crazy mass of stupid that goes only in one direction. The whole thing is a revolution, and revolutions are merely psychotic mobs heralding the complete collapse of complex society based on reason and multi directional decision making potential. This is something noticed by De Maistre in his assessment of the French revolution in the following passage:

“It has been said with good reason that the French Revolution leads men more than men lead it. This observation is completely justified; and, although it can be applied more or less to all great revolutions, yet it has never been more strikingly illustrated than at the present time. The very villains who appear to guide the Revolution take part in it only as simple instruments; and as soon as they aspire to dominate it, they fall ingloriously. Those who established the Republic did so without wishing it and without realizing what they were creating; they have been led by events: no plan has achieved its intended end….

The revolutionary current has taken successively different courses; and the most prominent revolutionary leaders have acquired the kind of power and renown appropriate to them only by following the demands of the moment. Once they attempted to oppose it or even to turn it from its predestined course, by isolating themselves and following their own bent, they disappeared from the scene.

In short, the more one examines the apparently more active personalities of the Revolution, the more one finds something passive and mechanical about them. It cannot be too often repeated that men do not at all guide the Revolution; it is the Revolution that uses men. It is well said that it has its own impetus. This phrase shows that never has the Divinity revealed itself so clearly in any human event. If it employs the most vile instruments, it is to regenerate by punishment”

De Maistre, ‘Considerations on France’, chapter one

This describes the current state of affairs with absolute precision. Take the Roosh example, and the Cologne situation. Look at the SNP manlet MP. In one of his single greying hairs on her head, he has immensely more power than the entirety of the “alt-right” – but only if he pushes progressivism. What if she made a reasoned and well thought out decision to advocate a reversal of progressivism? Gone in a blink of an eye. Pummelled out of even her minor position. When you are on the revolution train, going with the mob, you gain power, real power. You can bring misery to random people’s lives and take over things with ease.

But this power, and this ‘thing’ called progressivism is mindless. It’s deterministic because it is social collapse. Failure mode is the removal of human reason and taking up with the roiling masses. The incorporation of “systems of governance” set this in stone by absolutely cutting out the potential to engage actual sovereign minds which are able to make reasoned decisions and alter course dependent on reason.

With this in mind, Spandrell demonstrates an understanding of the ‘thing’ which the entire alt-right can only look at with bemusement. Think about it, how fucking stupid must progressivism be? How utterly devoid of any sentient intelligence must it be if white people converting to Islam in the most obvious cynical gambit could technically work? Seriously? The entire elite of the western world, the best universities in existence, and they can be sidestepped in the mechanical revolution against “whiteness” by converting to Islam? We are utterly doomed. Nothing short of a complete couter-revolution is even remotely taking this seriously.

Any attempt at public attack of the revolution will be, and is, met with glee, as it gives an opportunity for power. Look at Roosh, a fucking insignificant blogger, but the minute he provided a possibility for attack – bang. Thank you very much for the power up Roosh, now we get to gain status with the revolution and make a name for ourselves. There are no real enemies left anymore, so any tiny morsel of resistance is descended on and devoured in a frenzy – if they have to embellish even that tiny morsel, they will. There is no reasoning with this. You kill it at once, and in full.

So taking this into account, imagine you are a shitty low level functionary (or even shitty high level functionary) in this “thing” and something happens which runs counter to the revolution – say for example Muslim rape and molest women en masse and turn areas into Muslim only areas – what will you do? Take stand against it? Goodbye, the revolution will roll on  without you, and you will be cast out of respectable society. Plenty of people will be happy to take your position. Deal with it? How. There are no mechanisms in place to do anything other than push progressivism. Is the government going to start organizing repatriations? they can barely kick out random shitty Africans, come on. Cover it up and hide it? Sure. Easy way out, the only way out. Maybe blame your completely powerless enemies as well for added effect. Brilliant. What do you fucking care?

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