The satanic machine of bodies

Lesson In governance by Legion

Governance in democracy is governance by Legion because there is no one really in charge. The actors in Legion may be able to effect actions and give orders, but their agency is only valid within a very limited scope set out by the system which they operate within. So when a consequence occurs which is the direct result of the actions of those operating within democracy which is clearly disastrous, horrifying and squalid, the understanding that permeates the “right” is that this event will form a wakeup call of some sort, and those in positions of responsibility will correct the issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. Legion cannot correct itself, that requires reason, that is a contradiction; It is evil incarnate, lies are all it can bring to its rescue.

The migration crisis, as all things in democracy, shows this evil in clear and stark terms. I am not surprised that prior to the encouragement of the flood of cancerous immigration the elites ordered the police to not prosecute crimes, and to heavily encourage the hiding of the deluge of crime, rape and verminous behavior. They did the same thing with the full opening of England to the deprivations of the detritus of the third world. The system is directed in one way, and one way only – destruction of order. It may halt for a while, it may give the impression of rolling back (when it isn’t at all,) but it will resume again.

What is striking, is that the ordering of the police to give a free rein to savages is not seen as such, instead Legion convinces itself that the police are racist, and that if only tolerance is extended to depraved savages they will respond in kind. But let us play devil’s advocate, and assume that all of these people could become suddenly enlightened as to the failure of this mesmerizing “tolerance” what would they do? All of these NGOs, activists, civil servants of the diversity and migration departments, what would they do? Close up shop and go home? Resign?  Does this sound even slightly plausible? Because this is the fundamental subtext to the “rights” red pilling and awareness raising.

If you wish to see how this turning of Europe into a shit blasted toilet will effect the liberal elite governance structures, you only have to look at such things as the decolonisation process, including the chaos wrought by liberals in India, Africa, East Asia, as well as the immigration to England and Europe of the third world up until this point ….the list of crimes and horrors brought by “tolerant liberals” is now endless, and what of the architects? They thrive.

What happens when the horrors of what they have wrought are brought to their faces in crystal clarity, the line from A to B undiluted by any complexity? A simple case of action A causing result B? what then? Denial, lies and deflection. Of course, they do not see it as such. How can they? Look at the European Commission. These people have been selected through the progressive mechanisms of the European union. These are dyed in the wool liberals and progressives. Their entire life has been devoted to bringing about the empire of tolerance. Curtis’s “City of god.” What they oppose is slavery and despotism, and they will bring an end to it and bring light to the world.

The elite are bodies that are part of a great beast, a formless mass which moves in unison. They can move, but every move is set within a context from which they cannot escape. This is democracy. Reason is rejected with democracy, it is the founding stone of democracy. This makes me think that maybe Renen Girard was onto something profound as Bertonneau writes in this post:

“”One of Girard’s interlocutors in Evolution and Conversion, João Cezar de Rocha, asks whether the scholar’s indictment of Nietzsche as a virtual Satanist unduly reifies Satan, a question that allows Girard to clarify an essential element of both his apologetics and his anthropology. “One shouldn’t believe in Satan,” Girard responds. Satan assumes the status in Girard’s interpretation of Christianity of “a powerful trope for describing the unanimity of the crowd when it accuses the victim of being guilty, and then murders the innocent victim without any remorse.” Satan functions as “non-being in the sense that the scapegoat mechanism is unconscious.” The name Satan would also represent the panic that attends the breakdown in the community: “In the rivalry business of doubles a transcendental force has always been perceived.” When rival-doubles come to blows, their enmity, in addition to affrighting, exerts an imitative allure, attracting partisans to mimic the combatants and plunging the community into spreading disintegrative violence. The victimary mechanism resolves this violence by focusing ire on the singular – and arbitrarily, selected, hence also innocent – scapegoat. “There is no coordination from outside, the system functions all by itself.” Because the scapegoat mechanism operates automatically, names like “Moira in Greek culture and Schiksal in Heidegger” can stand for the same phenomenon as the name Beelzebub. Girard thinks of Dante, who in The Inferno pictured Satan as “a big machine, a sort of colossal puppet,” fixed in the ice.

So what will happen is that immigration will continue, the elites have set the course. They can maybe halt for a while, but the migration flows take this out of their hands really. Some actors seeing how insane it is may intervene in a limited way and game things to buy some time (like the Australians conservatives did with setting up processing centres abroad) but the chaos will overtake them (as it is doing so in Australia.) The beast will not be stopped without total mastering, and the more you squirm, the greater the reaction from it. Any evidence showing that it is an utter disaster will be covered up spontaneously, without the need for direction from above (but that may come regardless,) and all avenues of embarrassment to this unsecure demonic power will be suppressed. Facebook and Twitter have already begun, and it will continue. The older media are clearly on the case (that area has long been locked up,) and personal discussion will naturally be curtailed as everyone else gets the hint. There is no benefit from resistance, and much to locally be gained from moving with the beast. This has happened before, it has been happening for a long time, and will continue to happen. You want democracy, freedom and liberty? You want rule by law and constitution? This is it, so don’t complain.

How to remove the cancer of liberalism

To remove liberalism, there is only one way, and the logic is irresistible. liberals are not possessed of reason by default. They reject it as is the fundamental premise of all liberal proscriptions for governance – democracy, rule of law, utilitarianism, positivism attest to this. All are applications of scepticism of the efficacy of human judgement in matters of governance in favour of formulas and systems. The result everywhere is utterly horrifying, but the underlying premise is asserted to be flawless, so any bad effects are the result clearly of external influence. But enough of trying to understand the deluded and dirty mind of the liberal, instead we will look at the removal of their influence.

The problem with Liberals is their skeptic base is a constant source of replenishment for them, so even if one manifestation fails to take root, another one is always ready to sprout. Put down one sect of communists, and they shift to another version. Wall off one form of Liberalism, and they just morph into something else. The destructive cancerousness of the fundamental worldview is unfortunately rewarded by unsecure power as a means to break society for its own logical imperatives. The only cure is the enthronement of classical reason in the form of judgement lead governance.

We can take the hypothetical example of Donald Trump as president to guide us on the problems of removing democracy and liberals.

Say for example, Donald trump does become president of the United States, and after inauguration he sits in the Oval Office and thinks “time to get to work.”  He then orders the closure of the state department, the repealing of every piece of progressive legislation of the past 100 years, the closure of the civil service, the purging of progressives from universities and schools, the physical removal of the entire “free” media apparatus and the whole raft of necessary measures to end Liberalism. Would they listen to him? no. The legal challenges and “Republican checks and balances” would kick in, and full siege mode would be in effect. What would Trump’s potential response to this be? He could order the military to intervene, but then the Supreme Court would no doubt declare this illegal, Trump would be impeached and it’s over. Trump can do nothing direct with the democratic apparatus (assuming he wants to.) He could go for a more slow approach by trying to take over the Supreme Court somehow (think Orbanisation,) but is this even slightly conceivable in the USA? I do not see it.

So, with this bleak picture in mind, what are the alternatives? I see two categories of the same thing. Option one is non-governmental actors form which are in para-alliance allowing him to unleash hell on progressives – or rather, he does not stop violence against progressives/ not persecute and then brings the law down on progressives when they defend themselves- something which the progressive have been doing and continue to do against their enemies (it is called anarcho-tyranny generally.) This would need tacit support from the military, police and security apparatus. The second option is Trump merely declares marshal law and works in conjunction with the military to re-organise the USA. This would be far cleaner, but would need to really be military led in the first place.

Both options require the support of the security apparatus.


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