Why I am not Neoreactionary

The entire problem with neoreaction having trouble placing itself with regard to the Alt-Right is something that was foreseeable a great deal of time ago, and is symptomatic of Neoreaction having no direction or real purpose, whilst also being pretty much disconnected from Unqualified Reservations and the traditions revived therein.

The core of Unqualified reservations is provided by the understanding that power is upstream of culture, which at a stroke discounts all deterministic and reductionist political concepts. The acceptance of this creates a strange situation with the UR blog, in that the earlier posts in maintaining links to the Libertarian tradition are discordant, but explains why much of the Libertarian tradition is ejected by the end of Unqualified Reservations. You cannot maintain Libertarianism with the understanding of power creating society, it does not work (the invisible hand can take a running jump quite frankly.)

Another central pillar of UR and the reactionary tradition that only seemed to be grasped by Moldbug very late on UR is that a society built on a central power which has the capability to reason will need to be a society which has an ethical system which is antithetical to Libertarianism; it cannot be a hyper-Hobbesian sand box for everyone to do their own thing, this is illogical for many reasons I will explore in the future.

The third major pillar is a derivative of the realisation that power creates culture, and that is that as per De Jouvenel, a power based on rejection of reason in governance is basically psychotic and demonic. It will tear apart the society it presides over for it’s own logical progression and expansion.

On the question of what is to be done to remedy this situation, this is again completely lost on the Neoreaction group because they fail to comprehend Moldbug, as such they have fallen into either advocating outright pacifism, exit, or parallel organisation building in preparation for the Cathedral to subside and gently pass over the reigns. This is very wrong.

Any rectification of the problem in any way shape of form will be a hostile act. The idea of passivism is that things are prepared for in such a way as to not evoke the self-defence of the Cathedral. The action will only be conducted when the Cathedral is sufficiently weak, which will never happen of course, so it is of no threat; it’s just a bunch of wingnut being wingnuts – it is passivism.

In this vein we have the true election , the auto-coup and the reboot all require the utter destruction or removal of Cathedral Liberal influence. This is not negationable.

If we take the above as a working thesis of the tradition from UR (but not fully complete as yet,) we have a very clear distinction from Alt-rightism, but neoreaction does not accept the above, let alone other aspects which flow from these points – which include the non-inalienability of secondary property (which conflicts with formalism of property in the secondary sense at least,) as well as the necessary rejection of case law, and constitutionalism as sovereign etc

What is accepted as neoreaction is largely indistinguishable from the alt-right because it is led by the alt-right and because there is no clear conception or understanding of how to proceed from Moldbug. There has just been a vague hand wavy claim of influence, then complete immersion in special snowflake advocacy of completely irrelevant and contradictory demands as to what should, and should not be acceptable, with a constant claim that no one can ultimately decide.

Neoreaction is in the position of being a perfect example of Liberal/ Protestant governance, except without even the conceit of a constitution (unless you count UR, which is not even read.) This form of organisation is pretty much rejected by the tradition captured by UR, yet here we are.

For any sort of sanity to be brought to Neoreaction, quite a few people will need to be ejected or forced to adhere to the tradition captured by Moldbug. A central organisation will have to act as a gatekeeper for official developments and positions deriving from this tradition, and it will have to be ruthless and intense.

This isn’t going to happen, so neoreaction will morph into all sorts of stupid, get carried away by the Alt-right or sink into irrelevance.