The Milner Group part two


In part one, we followed the exploits of the Milner group leading up to the Second World War and the influence a group of men had on political affairs in the British Empire. First Rhodes and Milner in South Africa (instigating the Jamestown raid for example,) followed by the massive influence of Milner and his Kindergarten in England as a result of his access to the Rhodes funds (augmented by further funds from other elites,) and then finally Lionel Curtis who took the lead following Milner’s death and went full crazy with his world government. Lionel Curtis represents the point at which the British and American elites worked in lockstep, with the creation of significant cross culture entities such as The Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations as well as UNESCO, the UN etc etc

In part two, we will look at the events leading up to, and including the Second World War, which provides some eye opening analysis from Quigley.

To begin with, we have this lengthy passage from page 233 which details the aggressive attetmps to undermine the Treaty of Versaille by the Milner group, along with an exploitation of their psychological motivations for doing so (spoiler – full bore Whigery):



This passage is followed by this observation by Quigley:


The key note here is that Quigley notes that these Whigs had their antennas attuned to any “”despotic” and “militaristic” outlook.” The Whig smells order with the efficiency of a blood hound and then moves against it at all times.

The Milner Group positioning in relation to Hitler, as well as the British position was quite complicated as indicated by Quigley, with there being roughly two major strands of influence in Governmental affairs operating on differing motives and reasoning. On the one hand, Quigley identifies a Chamberlain Group which was happy to appease Hitler as a means to balance forces in Central Europe; especially in relation to Russia, and the Milner group which sought appeasement from a “Christian” based sensibility of conciliation. This is further complicated by the French positions towards Germany which sought to contain Germany, thus making the French and British competitors and not allies. The Milner group as such supplied assurance to Hitler:


While the Chamberlain Group sought to allow Hitler to carve up central Europe, as long as recourse to war was avoided:


In response to French actions which went against this policy, the collective UK establishment:



The British establishment effectively destroyed France, for France’s own sake obviously, so she could become part of the International Community of brotherly love. The mind meltingly psychotic nature of the reasoning of the Milner Group comes through loud and clear on page 271 in the quote from a Sir Arthur Salter regarding the right course of action regarding Japan’s, Italy’s and Germany’s territorial designs:


So as a means to appease the “other” by excessive and early compromise as an act of “Christianity” was employed, and so, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia would be carved up:



All of this should be setting of alarms regarding the Liberal Establishment’s position vis a vis Islam. The only question is how low they will go in their Liberal/ deontological “Christian” appeasement of the other, because this is at the point of religious fanaticism. They were happy to serve up entire nations to this Demonic concept and use any excuse at hand (note Lord Lothians criticism of Czechoslovakia as almost the only “racially heterogeneous state in Europe” on page 281 for a grim reminder of this,) so what they will be happy to concede to Islamic societies as a means to combat the “reactionary” wreckers of the indigenous populations of Europe is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be pretty for the lambs served up for sacrifice, as can be attested by Rotherham and Cologne.

On the subject of the Establishment’s position on Hitler prior to World War Two, Page 275 deserves posting in full as follows:


On page 281, Quigley notes that the Milner position regarding Hitler was wholly retarded, whilst at least the Chamberlain position had a logical direction:


Quigley’s book, then goes into areas of pre-World War 2 history which quite frankly astounded me, as they massively contradict the standard line on the narrative of WW2. The first majorly shocking thing is the alleged war scare-mongering regarding Nazi Germany’s capabilities:



The second shocking claim is that the British establishment was split, between the Milner group that wished to fight all out war against Germany (once it became a “Prussian” threat to the light bringing of constitutionalism and rule of law) and the Chamberlain group which wanted a phony war with Germany, and a live one with Russia in the Baltic:




The ultimate outcome of this process was that the Milner group was largely unscathed by their action, whilst the Chamberlain group paid the price. The subsequent adoption of Churchill as prime minister is very odd, and the subsequent spread of the Milner group throughout the war government’s divisions had the same flavor as their takeover in World War One. Churchill comes across as a figure head and stooge in place for the purpose of war fighting, which his subsequent sidelining after the war appears to support. Quigley notes on Page 303:



The Milner group was clearly the backbone of the Liberal movement in the early part of the 20th Century on the side of the British Empire, and from the American side, the role of the likes of Colonel house, Charles Merriam and the rest of the pragmatist/ Liberal establishment is badly in need of review, as they both combined following the Second World War to what we now have: the psychotic Liberal mess that is the International Community.

The most shocking aspect of all of this must be the realization that Liberal believe their own crap. They really do. We are doomed.