Jouvenel and left and right

Applying the analysis of De Jouvenel to the question of political right, and political left supplies us with a highly complex and sophisticated understanding of what constitutes these two seemingly unexplainable categories. Political left is a composition of low and high, or rather of Centralising Power and political masses with either no significant political property or rights, or significantly less political rights or property than the middle. The middle being the part of society which has capital, political rights or political property.

The left is therefore definable as a quest for equality which translates as a breaking down of centers of power with rights, political property and capital to increase the right, political property and capital of the low, which dovetails with the highs desire/ impetus to increase its position vis a vis the middle. The mechanism becomes baked in with the overthrow of monarchs and the installation of the people as the sovereign, distilled in the form of a committee or dictator who acts as the people and as such has the ability and freedom to conduct whatever action they wish.

In contrast to this, the right is the middle, and the middle’s flourishing. It is capitalist accumulation forming business power centers, it was the feudal system which function in a similar manner, it is free association and free organisation which creates natural hierarchies.

In this light, the rise and establishment of National Socialism in Germany present an interesting anomaly in that a high-low mechanism was formulated which connected a high (the Nazis party) with the low of the petit-bourgeois. A strange break and reversal of the mechanism of the high migrating to a super-national locus. Elsewhere, the iron grip of the low in the form of the proletariat and the high as nation states moving onto international organisations was in full swing. Hence we see the conflict between national socialism and international Marxism/ liberal democracy.

Of course, Nazism being the great evil that it was by rejecting the internationalism of democracy, was obliterated by a good revolution of the “people” or the “common man” led or to be led by the United Nations according to Vice President Henry Wallace. This high aggressively outlined how they transfer to an even higher position and dismantle all centers of power beneath them, this time not only civil society, but the locus of national sovereignty itself. As a result, we see the the United nation Declaration bursting right out of the gates with

Article 1.

  • All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


A reader of this blog would not need to be convinced of the fundamental idiocy of the UNDCR, nor dignify it with further consideration as anything but a manifestation of De Jouvenelian high-low power mechanism which justifies the destruction of any and all non-Central Power centers. The Justification provided for the fighting of the war can be seen in the Allied Power’s Four Freedoms as their official war aim.

That LGBT advocating and other minority protection in the form of R2P should be pushed as justification to effect regime change and intervention in other nations sovereignty is of no real surprise once this is taken into account. It represents yet another example of the high of the international community invoking the low of whichever group as the justification for destroying whatever power center is a problem. Disillusioned freaks and perverts thus obtain power by virtue of being middle breaking legitimisers.

The UDHR is a hideous document, penned by faceless bureaucrats and propagated by a revolutionary organisation which is busy trying force Africans on nation states to break them up national integrity. For the “peoples” benefit of course.